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From Outer Landscapes series

Posted on: May 27th, 2018 by

My sculptures have been like canvases that I painted on. I’ve tried in this collection to separate my paintings and sculpture work in order to paint without an intermediary.
“Outer Landscapes” are a collection of abstract paintings that have been created in an intuitive and process-oriented manner. One of my main sources of inspiration is the use of transcendental spaces in conjunction with atmospheric and electronic music. The use of duality and paradoxical interpretation have been of central importance in the creation of this collection. In effect I have achieved this by visually juxtaposing geometric forms with organic ones. Creating depth, optical illusion, and the placement of very large scale together with the minuscule have been the essential core of this collections focus. By layering multiple colors and textures next to flat surfaces and a cycle of creation/destruction, I have tried to illustrate this focus. “Outer Landscapes” are a group of painting emphasizing landscapes; which seem to represent cities both utopian and dystopian, and fluctuate between order and entropy. Landscapes that levitate with single and sometimes multiple horizons. These are cities from the past that have foreshadowed the future, or cities that have borrowed from the past to foretell the future. Environments that exist in non-time and non-space yet are connected by wormholes. Instead of being meant for display, for me, these are paintings meant to be unseen. Apparently in place of being noticed I am searching for the unnoticed.