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From Beyond me series/Etemad gallery/2015

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Beyond Me at Etemad gallery

In this series, we observe the two fixed elements of ‘man’ and ‘woman’ that constantly change position, emerge from their context and deliberately settle in new ones. Consequently new structures are created which do not refer to a specific time. A series of sculptures are formed as a result of the consecutive processes of destruction and reconstruction, among which a narrative story goes on. Stories arising from my subconscious as a reaction to the society I live in.
A series of sculptures and figures whose first idea was adopted from a piece called “The Woman” from my previous collection: “No-Mind”. In this collection, I focused on my relationship with space and atmosphere. I have chosen a metaphysical and supernatural environment. Inspired and influenced by this ambience, I can undergo metamorphosis, experience being in various bodies, be reproduced and in the end create an imaginary society. A society whose members were all “me” in the beginning but not anymore. This to me is in fact a definition of the contemporary human and its surroundings.