Yousha bashir Gallery

‘Mapping Withi’ from Heart series / 2015/ Plaster, stainless steel bar, stainless steel sphere, copper tube, car paint with transparent color coating/ Dimension variable

Posted on: November 13th, 2015 by

Mapping Within at The Mine gallery

The ‘Hearts’ collection is a study for further recognizing and understanding the role of forms in volume, and their creation process. Making a space in which I can create forms in a spontaneous manner. Initially, I used a real heart in one of my sculptures, a heart which was preserved in Formaldehyde. The resulting thrill of this event made me explore the concept of dealing with the heart in different contexts. The hearts were white in the beginning, then an arrow passed through them, their colors turned into black and then they started to become colorful and Bronze.
The resulting collection is now continuous, a collection in which each heart is created independently and in which the creation process is of exclusive importance. By creating each heart, I feel I have created a new entity with unique attributes that result in a symbolic union, and I can look for the roots of its creation in concepts pertinent to ‘unity’ and ‘essence’.
‘Defining universal issues requires universal language’
When it gets to the discussion of ‘essence’ and ‘unity’, the daily spoken language is inefficient in defining the concepts, therefore more attention is paid toward other structures of language such as symbolic language and the language of metaphor that are efficient in such definitions. Therefore, hearts installed on a wall are transformed from daily concepts into realms of metaphor and symbolism. Hearts open up the way for their interpretation by use of the obscurity and metaphor in the essence of symbols and eventually, the spectator starts to search for his/her self-portrait amongst hearts based on his/her living.